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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

Notice of Cancellation : You may cancel this agreement without penalty or forfeiture of funds paid to SteppingStonePublishing, or it’s assignee’s, at any time prior to midnight of the fifth (5th) business day, from the signing of the agreement by email, phone or in writing. 

Upon receipt of your cancellation notice within five (5) business days of signing the agreement, we will cancel your program.  You must return all written information provided you by SteppingStonePublishing, or it’s assignee’s, to the address specified in the agreement. Any payment made by you under this agreement will be returned within ten (10) business days.

Can I have samples before and after credit reports where there is ZERO Negative items left?

None other than is on the website.  There are hundreds of individual reports with 100% deletion success.  Remember, the focus is on the educational series.  Prior to 2009, we did not market to the general public nor did we solicit outside marketers who would need this kind of "proof".

I assume that just because the Bureau did not provide proof that there have been times they still would not remove an item? So does the “never lost a case” mean that in all our cases we have gotten the negative item to be removed?


Do we dispute/remove all inquiries automatically?

Our Job is to get the client's credit to its maximum potential. Obviously, we will go after derogatories first. If the client wishes something to be removed or if removing a certain item is necessary to achieve the best result then that may be the course of action.

Is adding someone on as an authorized user (being sure that the creditor has the SSN, address, etc., to report) still working or are the Credit Bureaus not counting these in the authorized user’s credit score?

We currently suggest this in the ebook. I have not seen anything change in the reporting that would suggest anything different.

Can we legally remove a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, repossession, judgment, charge-off, collection account, late payments and inquiries? 

ABSOLUTELY YES.  Under section 609 (Consumer Disclosure Section) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act we simply petition the Credit Bureaus, (TransUnion, Experian & Equifax) to provide documented verifiable PROOF of the account that is being challenged. Verifiable proof would include any document on the letterhead of the business challenged with your signature affixed verifying the account was indeed your account. Without this very important piece of verifiable proof, it is illegal for the credit bureaus to post your very private financial information on a public document. The credit bureaus have not been able to provide one SINGLE document of verifiable proof on ANY account in 18 years with over 280,000 cases! As a result, the deletions are permanent.

I understand that the difference with the ProRemovalSystem  is that we're using the FCRA consumer's right to verifiable information. Why aren't other companies doing that too?

We are the first to the start line with the reporting violation and have been now for 16 years.  We found this violation as a result of an unrelated inquiry into the FCRA. My background in writing music and receiving copyrights to that music gave me an insight into the meaning of "Consumer Disclosure". This same "Consumer Disclosure" relates to the FCRA.  Our dispute is based on the credit bureaus failure to comply with this section of law.

What are acceptable forms of ID to send into the bureaus with the letters?

A drivers license, a SS card, a w-2, a check stub, a utility bill, etc.

What if one of the bureaus did not respond?

We allow 45 total days to complete any dispute cycle. If NO response comes in we initiate a delay letter demanding a response.

Why did the report I sent in to processing for review not require a new letter to be drafted and sent out?

The only reason processing would not draft you a new letter off from a report sent into our office is if the report sent in was dated 9 or less days since the last letter was sent out to you. In these cases, the response that you sent in was actually in response to the LAST letter sent out, not the most recent one sent only days before.

Should I wait until all of the bureaus respond before sending you the results?

No.  Send in whatever you receive as soon as possible.

When will I start seeing deletions?

You MAY begin to see deletions as a result of the very first dispute sent in approximately 45 days.

Will the deleted items reappear on my report in the future?

NO – We have the ONLY system that produces a PERMANENT deletion or change when the process is finished.

What is the FTC / AGO?

Federal Trade Commission / Attorney General Office

What happens when there is still no positive response to the FTC / AGO letters?

IF there is no positive response, we would consider our next step, which is proprietary.

What does the term “flagged” mean?

It means the bureau has determined that what you send in is frivolous and is not worthy of being investigated further, right or wrong, it is an internal process they try and control you with.

I have changed my address, do I need to resubmit new forms of ID?

YES.  YOU control the information that is there.  Make sure it is correct.

How often should I contact the office regarding my file?

We need to hear from you every 45 days at a MINIMUM.

Is there any earning potential when referring your product to others?

YES.  Contact us at [email protected] 

What if my case is not resolved?

REMEMBER, you did not purchase the FREE dispute process.  You purchased the Credit Educational Program. If you need to extend your dispute process, we will help you.

Does FICO 2011 limit the use of parents or direct family members as authorized users? 

NO.  The biggest change with FICO 2011 is the scoring. Now, inquiries and multiple accounts being opened during the same 30-45 day period of time will account for 30% of the score, whereas it only accounted for 10% of the score in the past.

Is it illegal to remove negative items from your credit report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, enacted by Congress, clearly states that every consumer is entitled to question, verify, and have derogatory information removed whenever such information is inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable, or misleading. As is the case with many other laws in our nation, most consumers are not aware of their rights and do not have the time to study these laws.

What are the most difficult items to delete?

ANY unverifiable, inaccurate, outdated or misleading item can be deleted regardless of how long it has been reported.

We claim that we have never lost a case or that after over 275,000 clients we have never had any of the Bureaus provide verifiable proof (documents). Does this mean or can I say that all negative items we have disputed have been removed?

Other than the people who come to us who only need a score raise of 30-50-70 points.  We get them the score rise and we never hear from them.  So we can't call that a 100% deletion.  They stopped the process.  There have been a handful of cases where we had so many negatives going in to dispute that the case took almost two years to complete at no additional cost to that client. 

Is it fair to say to a potential client that “all negative items can be removed by using our service", or “there has never been a negative item we have not removed by using our service” or “all your negative items can be removed?”

NO…..we do NOT guarantee 100% deletion at all…….. This is where our express warranty comes in, if needed.  If the client still needs additional time to complete a dispute in progress or a client needed a "purge" from each bureau, we will complete it for them at NO additional cost.  Our average is 87% deletion of the negative accounts found on the ORIGINAL credit report provided.

Does the CSA let the client know an estimated timeline to expect credit score increases after looking at their credit report? How does the client let CSA know that they just need 35 points to qualify for their loan?

When we first receive the credit reports from the client, the processor will analyze their situation and let the client know the ESTIMATED time before they will see results. It is very important that we do not guarantee a time for completion. This would be a violation of law. If the client is in need of a small boost in order to qualify for the loan we should be notified upfront. This can be achieved via email or in the notes section on the Purchase Application page.

Can I hire an independent contractor to sell your service and pay them out of my commission?

Yes. You can hire someone to work for you and pay them out of your commissions. Remember that you will have to issue them an IRS-1099 form at the end of the year and I will supply you with the contract. The re-seller contract is referring to MLM types of business. This is something not allowed.

Is it illegal to charge for credit disputing services?

It is not illegal to charge for credit disputing services.  However, we are not selling credit disputing services.  We are selling a Complete Credit Educational package on the credit system and giving away the credit disputing service. To sell it you must either be licensed under the Credit Repair Organization Act ( CROA ) as a credit repair company and bonded OR you must meet one of the exemptions from this licensing ( Lawyer, licensed Mortgage BROKER or any W-2 employees of the BROKER, Real Estate BROKER or any W-2 employees of the BROKER, Mortgage BANK or any W-2 employees of the BROKER ).

It's surprising no one else is doing that. So what are they doing, and how is that not illegal - I.e.: they use attorneys, so do they get power of attorney from their members?

8 individuals have tried to steal my system and fulfill it themselves.  All 8 have been forced to close their doors.  All but 2 of them got to a point in the dispute where they did not know how to respond to the requests from the credit bureaus or responses from the Attorney General’s office and FTC and the clients ended up contacting us to complete their case.  The other 2 took the clients' money and ran.  Up until January of 2009 we did not market our process to the general public.  Once the Credit Educational package and eBook was finished we decided to take our message and years of history and results to the streets.

How long does it normally take for responses to start coming in from each bureau?

17-21 days from the day you send out the initial letters.

What is a “delay” letter?

It is exactly as it states.  we challenge their delay in responding to your inquiry.

What is an “acknowledgement” letter?

It is a letter from a credit bureau stating they have received your dispute.

Why does my “acknowledgement letter” not warrant a delay letter?

The letter states they have started your dispute and alert you to be awaiting the results that will come when they are finished.

What are the available options for sending in responses to your office?

General mail delivery to 50 Hewett Road, Somerville, Maine 04348 / email to [email protected] / fax to 888-797-3131

What items can be deleted with this process?

Every single reported item on your credit report has the same burden of being verified to allow the bureau to report it. Public Records, Collections, Charge Offs, Late Payments, etc.

There have been no new deletions in the past 2 or 3 rounds of letters, what now?

When a legal challenge has been initiated we must allow “due process” and that gives the credit bureaus time to delay.  Will they? YES, they do not care one way or another. You MUST be patient.  We would begin a 30 day threat, a 15 day threat and then a formal complaint being filed with the State’s Attorney General office and FTC, forcing the issue of compliance. 

Is your company going to represent me in court?

NO.  We are only allowing you the use of our FREE disputing process. If you need to pursue anything further you MUST have legal representation. 

What is a 90-day purge?

A process used to remove your name from the credit bureau flagged list, where they will not respond to anything you send in.

After the 90-day purge, am I starting the process all over again?

YES, and just like at the beginning, negative accounts cannot be verified and legally have to be removed.

What if my forms of ID do not reflect my new address yet?

Send a brief explanation to the bureau with whatever form of proof that may exist.

I sent in a fax / report / generic response / email into the office and did not get a reply.  Who should I contact to resolve this issue?

If faxes / responses / reports / emails are sent to an outside affiliate, and not directly to our processing team, we will not receive them as soon as you send them. The best bet to ensure you’re concerns are handled directly is to make sure all correspondence is being sent DIRECTLY to our processing center by using this email:  [email protected] 

How long am I able to use the Free Dispute Service?

Up to 2 years, if needed.

Is there a difference between an authorized user or additional card holder?

No.  An Authorized user and an additional card holder means the additional person on the card has the card activity reported, by social security number, to the credit bureaus without liability.

Does Credit Education and Restoration Program Jeopardize the Credit System?

At NO time do we advocate the implementation of illegal procedures and/or suggest “beating” the system. However, we keep in mind how consumers can be hurt and prevented from obtaining credit or even obtaining a job due to inaccurate, outdated, misleading or unverifiable information.

Why does it take so long?

It takes time to establish good credit and it takes time to mess it up. Improvement must take place along legally established guidelines and certain procedural rules must be followed. There are no shortcuts.

What do I do with my clean credit?

After the credit bureaus conclude their investigations, a new copy of your updated and corrected credit report will be sent to your home address. Your credit report will still reflect your past good history. For those of you who must start fresh, there are simple procedures you can follow to begin establishing new credit. Remember, the most important thing you can do is to always pay your accounts on time. This will allow you to maximize your credit potential.