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We can handle all of your credit rehabilitation needs.
  1. Education
    The Credit Score Academy is the premier online campus. We teach very specific tips & techniques that allow the student to experience immediate credit score changes to their report. Scores can increase by as much as 200 points!
  2. Tools
    Lines of Credit Secured / Unsecured credit cards Letter of Reference Online training academy Finance Calculators Mortgage References Real Estate References
  3. Articles
    Our staff writes articles throughout the year that can be found here. They are published on LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, Alignable and Facebook
  4. Credit Card Programs
    We do the research, you get the benefit. We will be adding more credit and debit card choices as new offers are presented to us. We are looking for a mix of secured and unsecured cards to build credit with. It MUST report ALL activity to the bureaus beginning month #1.
  5. Credit Report - Scores
    We have a link to pull your credit and get your credit scores. This company also offers a monitoring service which may be helpful as you progress through our educational and rehabilitative processes. FREE unless you add the monitoring program.
  6. Online Testing
    We are in the process of accrediting all of our educational programs. We have four tests and a final exam for the online classroom training modules.
What We Do
Author of The Credit System, Debt Management & Budgeting - (Amazon) Bruce McInnis  created a Credit Educational Program second to none, including the most effective ProRemovalSystem dispute process still being used today. His team has helped over 275,000 people regain control of their credit profiles. The ProRemovalSystem uses federal law, specifically sections 609, 610 & 611 of the FCRA, to force the three major credit bureaus comply with this reporting violation that has been found. In 18 years of using this system, verifiable information has NEVER been sent to any person by the credit bureaus. The ProRemovalSystem is very simple. This system of dispute is based on the credit bureaus "right to report" your personal, financial information. The ProRemovalSystem is unlike any dispute system in existence. It works every time.

Each student is entitled to the use of this system at no additional cost, for up to 2 (two) years.
What Can Be Removed?